Thursday, March 3, 2011

Human Resource Management

To bridge the gap of demand and suplly a business model is created and supported with various business functions. Of these business functions, human resource management function plays a very cricital impact on the business success. While most other resources in a business can be imitated, it is the human talent in a company that really differentiates the companies both in terms of their success this far and the potential of growth in the future.

Human Resource Management Refers to the effective management of Human Talent who individually and collectively contribute towards achieving the Business's Objectives. This function is an important one for any company and the way it is managed is probably the best reflection of the uniqueness of the company - it could be called the DNA in many ways. This uniqueness of the company and its emphasis on people can be reflected in every intereaction with the employee or the prospective employee - be it in recruitments, interivews, or work place environment etc.

HRM department has to be designed very uniquely, but it is this function that in recent times has found neglect and also lost the faith of the employees. There is definitely a need to improve this function majorly. We will get into understanding this in a series of blogs that would follow this introductory blog.

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  1. very true.. HRM plays the major role in all the field..