Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organizational Development

An organization once set up face the constant challenges of change, managing the change is the best way to prepare to dominate the next wave. Organizations grapple with change to develop into better organizations. Knowingly or unknowingly they undertake the process of organizational development, but it is generally when they face an unexpected change that the significance of Organizational Development consultants and change managers becomes most evident.

Organizational Development (OD) is generally accompanied with change management. OD has been generally defined as an ongoing, systematic process or implementation that changes an organizational effectively. Similar to Organizational Behavior; OD is both a field of applied behavioral science focused on understanding and managing organizational change as a field of scientific study in inquiry.

OD considers all the constituents of an organization functioning as a unit. The ultimate goal of OD is to improve the organization as a whole.

The OD process is generally initiated when there is a gap, or dissatisfaction within the organization - either from the top management or from the employee body. The process involves the organization in its entirety and evidently would rely on the support from top management and all the members at every level in the organization. Without such a commitment the success of the OD intervention wouldn't be useful.

In the coming blogs we explore OD and its concepts in a bit more details. Since OD is multi-disciplinary one would need to relate the subject with every other aspect that has a bearing on the business and the organization.

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