Thursday, April 14, 2011

Business Model - Click and Brick

In the earlier blog on business model we discussed about loyalty and building a business model around it, today we deal with a business model that is a built up as a side effect of Information Technology.

It is pretty obvious that a shop or establish is limited by its geography! Even a departmental store, which is renowned amongst people there is always an issue of people having to make it to the store. The customers would prefer a higher convenience and if the delivery of regularly purchased items is done at your doorstep it would be of phenomenal satisfaction for the customer.

The very famous Wal-Mart used information technology to enable its customers order their requirement online and from there deliver the order to the customer's home. Given this service there is an abstraction created by which the customer doesn’t have to bother about where he gets his order fulfilled from but just needs to order, the nearest store of Wal-Mart would then ship the order to the customer.

This Click and Brick Model, is useful not just with the retail stores but almost every business which intends to break the geographical barrier for its business. In fact today the online presence for a business is so essential that there has to be a website for every company or firm that intends to make it big. Information technology surely has created a virtual geography where the real-estate is your website!

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