Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Business Model - Online Content

In the earlier blog on Business Models, we discussed about Networks. In today's blog, we discussed about online content.

In an earlier blog, we mentioned the importance of information in business. The criticality of information ensures there is business advantage, and the insights one receives from these gives a life-time lead. This is why we find a lot of news channels, giving us news about the government, the people sentiments, etc which have an impact from us.

An old adage says - "History Repeats", having a good understanding of the history gives us an ability to move ahead with confidence.

Finding such historical knowledge at one place would be of great value to the business community. One of the largest such collection is the Harvard Business Review cases. The knowledge repository of this kind is worth millions to provide a competitive advantage helping business executives hone their skills.

This method of charging people for quality content - is all this business model has on offer. Simple yet impactful.

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