Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strategy 7

Furthering our discussion on strategy, we today look at a concept called "competitive advantage".

In the earlier blog we looked at the difference between operational efficiency and strategy. Operational efficiency is something we could call a competitive advantage for the company thar introduces it. However when there are many companies that begin imitating the leader in it's operational processes and catches up with it; the competitive advantage is lost and begins to become a point if parity.

It is clear in the earlier discussion that any competitive advantage could be classified into two categories, those which are permanent and those that fall in the category of temporary advantages.

In the next few blogs (not necessarily in sequential order) we would take simple hypothetical scenario and improve our understanding of the concept of competitive advantage.

To completely have an engaging understanding of strategy we would at various points repeat or return and discuss about some strategy concepts, we request your patience in such situations.

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