Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Organization Theory - 12

In an earlier blog, while discussing about the dimensions of "complexity" we did mention about "vertical differentiation", in from this blog onwards we discuss the concept of vertical differentiation, but before that we would love to share this small picture with you which we received in one of the mail forwards.

In this simple example, we see there are just 6 levels of the hierarchy - 
Department Head
Floor Manager

And a simple message to trickle down. The message gets completely lost in the process and is sent across with a completely different meaning. Though this could be understood as an extreme case of miscommunication, there is definitely some distortion that happens at every level and more the levels more the distortion of information.

The more levels that exist between top management and the operative staff; greater the potential of communication distortion. More time is spent in coordinating the various personal and more difficult it gets for the top management to oversee the actions of the staff.

Thus simply put, the greater the vertical differentiation, the greater the complexity!

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