Thursday, September 8, 2011

Organization Theory - 2

In the last blog we looked at some of the characteristics of an organization. In today's blog, we continue understanding the concept of organization further. 

The concept of organization as we know and understand today is a product of the industrialization era and the phases subsequent, so it’s not very old when compared to the human history. Post these organizations coming into existence, there have been a lot of strengthening on the legal aspects too to ensure that the interest of people is sufficiently taken care of. The forms of organization themselves have modified to suit the varying need.

Organizations in their present day understanding could be seen as existing for the following purpose:

  • Bringing together resources to achieve desired goals and outcomes
  • Produce goods and services effectively
  • Facilitates Innovation 
  • Use modern manufacturing and information technologies 
  • Adapt to and influence a changing environment
  • Create value for owners, customers and employees
  • Accommodate ongoing challenges of diversity, ethics and the motivation and coordination of employees

It’s very critical for a manager to understand these points - organizations shape our lives, and well informed managers can shape organization.

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