Monday, October 10, 2011

Organization Theory - 19

In the last blog, we looked at the need for formalization and listed the various techniques used by organizations to achieve formalization. In today's blog we look at Formalization through:


An organization doesn’t choose any random person as it employee, it follows a strict process to select the right candidate. The selection process could be viewed as race with numerous hurdles, and the deserving candidates would be selected for the role on offer.

An effective selection process will be designed to determine if job candidate "fits" into the organization. A good employee could be defined as one who will perform his or her job in a satisfactory manner and whose personality, work habits and attitudes align with what the organization desires. Selection process could be viewed as a means to prevent employment of misfits.

In the Indian context many a time, this selection process is overlooked as a way of getting the "right fit" for the organization and candidates who donor suit the culture are hired - only to realize that they turn to be a misfit. In some extreme cases they also leave the work place sourer than it was when they come in - a permanent damage. It is time that the recruitment and selection firms look at the cultural aspect more seriously even at the entry level than just at the middle or top management roles.

Selection as a mechanism for formalization is definitely the most widely used technique - through which organization can control the employee discretion.

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