Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Organization Theory-17

In the earlier blog, we discussed the various dimensions of complexity and sought to know if there is any relation between theses dimensions. In today's blog, we begin our journey to understand the concept of formalization. 

Formalization refers to the degree to which jobs within an organization are standardized. It is in fact a measure of standardization. For definitions of standardization and formalization it would apt to refer to this blog.

In many a ways, the formalization and standardization of the task reduces the complexity associated with decision making at an operational level. It is not limited to either written or unwritten. It could be explicit (indicated by a document or stated by people) or implicit (subtly mentioned in the behavior of people). 

When we look at our organizations today, it would be easy to see how this formalization is implemented - could be through role descriptions, through be through close monitoring by your immediate supervisor etc.

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