Friday, January 6, 2012

Entrepreneur's Interview - Planmyhealth

Today's interview with Entrepreneur - Plan My health

Company Name: Plan My health

Company Mission: Healthcare at your Doorstep!

About the Company:

Apartment Services - Apartments can book a day convenient for all their residents. Our paramedics will come to your place at the requested time and collect Blood & other samples and deliver back the reports. 

Corporate Services - We conduct employee wellness programs in company premises. Our range of services include Health Risk Assessment, Customized Body Checkups, Organizational Risk Profiling based on the data of body checkups, Expert doctors and dietitians consultations based on checkup results.

You can customize your diagnostic service depending on your age, living habits & diet. We partner with only leading diagnostic service providers and give you the best diagnostic services.


Abhay Paliwal

Sandeep Raj

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