Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Contributing fields to the study of Organizational Behavior

In the last blog, we discussed about the spans of a job and the how to balance the various spans associated with a job. During these discussions we have had a lot of references to human behavior, and hence Organization Behavior would be the next logical step in this journey of Management Blogs. We have already begun the topic of organization behavior for discussion and have left it half way primarily due to the flow of topics. Beginning from this blog we would discuss Organization Behavior (OB) to sufficient depth - Our reference for the purpose of this discussion on OB would be "Organizational Behavior" - Foundations, realities and challenges, 5th edition by Debra Nelson and James Quick - Thomson Publication. In this blog we explore the interdisciplinary nature of OB. 

OB is a blended discipline growing from the contributions to various fields such as:

  • Psychology - The science of human behavior
  • Sociology - The science of society
  • Engineering - The applied science of energy and matter
  • Anthropology- The science of the leaded behavior of human beings
  • Management- The study of overseeing activities and supervising people in organizations
  • Medicine- The applied science of healing or treatment of disease to enhance an individual's health and well-being

These interdisciplinary roots are increasingly being recognized in an independent discipline called OB - where the human nature and behavior is the subject matter of study. It is the understanding of this behavior is gained from the interdisciplinary nature of the study.