Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How to get the maximum benefit from Learning Organizational Behavior

In the last blog we looked at formal and informal organizations. In the current blog, we temporarily take a detour to emphasize one of the critical pieces if one has to have a good grip of the subject of organizational behavior.

OB is a subject based on scientific knowledge and applied practice. Numerous concepts in this subject of study are abstract while some others are concrete and measureable. So one who intends to learn OB well would have to look at it as a 3 staged process.

Stage 1: Mastery of the Objective Knowledge
Stage 2: Skill Development
Stage 3: Application of Knowledge and Skills thus learnt

Objective Knowledge is the distilled finding through research and scientific activities. A mastery of this would help understand the basic foundation of the organizational behavior.
Skills development builds on the knowledge and the understanding of you so that one could practically pick up the subject from real life action. These are important for the successful functioning of the organization.
Application of Knowledge and Skills learnt enable application of the above two stages into real life - it is to be noted that, between the stage 1 and stage 3 there are multiple iterations and careful experimentation based on the learning gathered earlier.

An effective understanding of OB would lead to a very strong practical oriented mindset for the practitioner.

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