Monday, April 30, 2012

Individuals Differences - Variables affecting this differences

In the last blog we looked at the challenges that managers face when managing a global organization. All the challenges of the managing the organization, is to understand the source of these challenges. We begin by exploring the concept of individual differences.

From common observation, we realize that all individuals are different from each other - the source of uniqueness could be from the individual's skills, abilities, personalities, attitudes, values and ethics. The way the individuals differ is called individual differences. It is these differences that are the essence of the challenge of management - fundamentally, no two individuals are alike!

Managers always face the challenge of working with a multitude of individual characteristics, so it is quintessential for the manager to understand individual differences. - This would enable them to work better with others.

The diagram is an adaption from the Fig 3.1 ( variables that affect human behavior ) in the standard reference book on Organizational Behavior we detailed out at the begining of this series.

The variables that affect human behavior could be summarized in the above diagram. We would continue this discussion in the next blog.

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