Thursday, April 26, 2012

Manager's challenges in a globalized World

In the last blog we looked at the mindset that would be necessary for one to be a practitioner in OB. In today's blog we begin having a look at some of the challenges a manager would have to face in a globalized work setting.

Let’s begin with understanding the difference between "international" and "globalized" organization. International organization meant that a business would conduct its business across the national borders - a strict sense of organization's nationality could be sensed in the usage of the word. In contrast, a globalized organization implies that the organization is free of national boundaries and it operates in a borderless world.

When organization move beyond their national boundaries some of the host of issues that hit hard for a manager in such a setting could be listed below

  1. Globalizing the firm's operations to compete in the global market
  2. Leading a diverse work force
  3. Encouraging Positive ethics, character and personal integrity
  4. Advancing and implementing technological innovation in the workspace
Over the next few blogs we look at some of these challenges that the managers would have to face in a globalized setting.

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