Saturday, December 21, 2013

Goal Setting: Stress and Effectiveness

In the last byte, we looked at how we could improve the effectiveness of goal setting in an organizational context. In today's byte, we discuss regarding role stress.

It is not uncommon that once an employee joins an organization, he/she would be expected to do a lot of things in the work place. The individual is trying to exert pressure on self to perform to the expectations of all around, in many cases it also happens that there are conflicts that the individual would have to handle.
When an employee joins the organization, it is really the supervisors, coworkers and other employees that form important sources of task-related information.  Ensuring that these are communicated well is important to ensure that role-stress is not hard-hitting on the employee, which in adverse cases could lead to the employee leaving the organization.

Effective goal setting definitely reduces role stress associated with the conflicting and confusing expectations. Managers and supervisors play a major role in clarifying the task-role expectations that are communicated to the employees.

Improved communication related to the role-clarity leads to reduction in role-stress. It is the right communication that forms the source of success of any goal-setting process. Employee participation is a must to ensure that the goal is attainable.

It is just prudent for the manager to ensure employees are constantly in communication and there is a constant touch to really be successful!

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