Sunday, December 8, 2013

Herzberg's Two Factor Theory - 2

In the last byte, we began looking at Herzberg's Two Factor Theory and began understanding the Motivation Factors. In today's byte, we will continue the discussion on Motivation Factors and then understand about Hygiene Factors.

Continuing on the discussion of Motivation Factors, we would fist begin with identifying a few of these factors - achievement, recognition of achievement, work itself, responsibility, advancement, growth etc. The presence of these factors leads to superior performance in the employees. This input is factored in, when designing the compensation packages for employees. It is not merely the financial benefits that are always offered to employees as a reward mechanism, involving these into the reward mechanism could prove extremely motivating for the employees.

There is however and interesting dimension of Salary here - salary could be extremely motivation to certain degree; however it is only to a certain level. If the salary is not up to a certain expected mark for the employee, it could in fact be de-motivating - in such a scenario, salary also acts as a hygiene factor! This nature of salary is pretty unique!

Motivation factors lead to a positive mental health and challenge people to grow, contribute to work environment, and invest themselves in the organization.

Research has indicated that the absence of these motivational factors will not create dissatisfaction; however it lead to lack of satisfaction. Motivational factors are found to be more important than the hygiene factors, since they directly affect the motivational drive of a person towards completing a job well. When they are absent, the person is de-motivated to perform well and achieve excellence.

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