Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leveraging Organizational Commitment - 2

In the last byte, we looked at organizational commitment and what factors assist increasing this in the favor of an organization. We continue the discussion in this byte with exploring how managers can leverage on this.

Communication is an important tool in the world of management. A manager would need to communicate to his employees that their contribution is extremely valuable and the organization care about their well being. This cannot be limited only to lip service, and some tangible action is what proves to the employees that what is said is what is intended. This increases Affective Commitment in the employees.

At the point recruitment itself it is important to understand the value compatibility of the organization and the new recruit. Affective Commitment is found to increase when such value compatibility exists - the critical amongst these values are moral integrity, fairness, creativity and openness.

As stated earlier, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. It is essential that any action is consistent with what is committed by the organization to the employee. Even a single negative experience at work can undoubtedly diminish affective commitment!

Managers could need to keep these points in mind when working in an organization and intends to have a group of organizationally committed employees.

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