Saturday, December 7, 2013

Leveraging Organizational Commitment

In the last byte, we discussed about organizational commitment. We further the same discussion today and explore it in a greater depth understanding how a manager can leverage this.

If one were to begin with asking oneself - would he like to stay associated with a company that has given him/her a job but has nailed down every bit of the detail? Everything is process oriented, there is no independence felt when doing the job. Definitely this sort of a job would have less likes than a job which give greater autonomy, independence and inherently interesting. Thus the job characteristics influence the choice that one would make to say on or not in a job. Coupled with this an - research has shown some organizational conditions like: Participative Decision Making, Job Security, are major factors that get considered in the individual's choice of commitment towards an organization.

Affective and Normative Commitments are found to have a correlation with the lower rates of absenteeism, higher quality of work, increased productivity, and several such types of performances. Given these benefits of an individual's commitment towards an organization, managers would have to encourage affective commitment - these committed individuals expend more task related effort and are less likely than others to leave the organization.

We shall continue this discussion in the next byte.

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