Saturday, December 21, 2013

Motivation - Implications to a Manager

In the last byte, we looked at the aspect of moral maturity and cultural differences. It would be apt to complete the discussion on motivation with implications for the manger.

A manager would require to begin with the understanding that of the various theories that have been discussed thus far, not all is equally good or equal - they would require to understand that the later theories have a greater scientific backing compared to the earlier ones. The internal theories of motivation along with the theories dealing with the individual-environment interaction process contribute significantly to the manager's understanding of human behavior and motivation at work.

Individual employees needs would be different and the manager would need to keep a note of all these and be sensitive about the ethnic, national, gender and age differences. Involving the employees in understanding their needs would definitely go a long way.

Training, Coaching and Task assignments are found to be effective ways to increase employee motivation. The Managers would require to ensure that the rewards are contingent on good performance and that valued rewards are offered to the employees. It is fundamental that the manager understand what the employee wants.

In the overall scheme it is important to understand that the manager would be required to take note of the morally mature employees!

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