Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance Management: Actual & Measured 2

In the last byte, we looked at the difference between what is actually performed by the employee and what aspect of the performance is measured.

If we look at the diagram a bit closely and understand what aspects of errors could arise from such measurement?

A first look at the diagram - would indicate 2 possible areas where the defects in measurement could arise from - these are the areas of the 2 circles which are not part of the true assessment area indicated. Refer the diagram below:
The area of the circle of actual performance which has been over looked by the evaluator is essentially a deficiency in the measurement itself. This is called Deficiency Problem.
The area of the circle of measured performance which has been outside the true-assessment area could have two sorts of problems:
  1. The reliability of the measurement
  2. The validity of the measurement
We shall explore these in detail in the next byte.

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