Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance Management: Actual & Measured 3

In the last byte, we looked at the various problems that arise in the assessment of performance. In this byte, we look at understanding these in greater detail.

To help recap the source of various problems:
  • Deficiency results from overlooking important aspects of a person's actual performance.
  • Unreliability results from poor-quality performance measures
  • Invalidity results from inaccurate definition of the expected job performance.

The Reliability problem could further originate from any of the following sources:
  1. The effect of the situational factors such as mood or timing of the evaluation
  2. The Disagreement between evaluators about the methods
  3. The Temporary personal factors like fatigues, or ill health of the person being evaluated.
It is to be noted that no existing system of performance appraisal is completely free from defects. Addressing the various emotions and defenses are essential to make the attempt of performance appraisal developmental in nature.

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