Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance Management: Appraisal

In the last byte, we looked at the importance of defining performance before any performance management could be got in place. In today's byte, we attempt to understand performance appraisal in a greater detail.

Performance Appraisal essentially means the evaluation of an individual's performance.

As supervisors/first level managers in an organization, one could look at his/her role as dual fold - a mentors/coach and an evaluator. As a mentor/coach, the supervisor would be responsible for encouraging the employee (- individual contributor at the entry level). As an evaluator, the supervisor is responsible for making judgments that influence employee's roles in the organization.

The major purpose of performance appraisal is to give the employee:
  • feedback on performance,
  • identify employee's development needs,
  • to make demotion and termination decisions,
  • to develop information about the organization's selection and placement decision.
It is important next to really understand how one measures performance, we shall continue the discussion in the next byte.

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