Sunday, December 22, 2013

Performance Management: Summary

In the last byte, we looked at the modern forms of mentoring. In today's byte, we attempt to summarize the discussion on performance management.

People in organization are constantly learning, the managers should exercise the application of consequences appropriately to create desired results. The strategic use of training and educational opportunities, stock options, and recognition awards is instrumental to successful organizational reward systems. Managers could serve as positive role models for employees and act as mentors too in their career development.

Goal setting activities may be valuable to managers in bringing out the best performance of their reporting employees. Effectively designed goals could lead to excellent performance, but if these are misused, it could lead to dysfunctional behavior in an organization and lower the performance.

The role of good performance management tools is providing employees with clear feedback on their actions - methods to improve and make them precise have to be evolved to get the right picture of an employee's performance.

With this discussion, we conclude the section on performance management and move ahead to next topic

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