Saturday, December 21, 2013

Performance-monitoring system

In the last byte, we looked at the source of the three categories of problems. In this byte, we move on understand what performance monitoring system would keep note of.

Performance-monitoring systems are varied in numbers. One category is that of result-oriented methods. Examples of these include the goal setting and MBO methods. There are some other methods that use modern technology for the purpose.

While using modern technology - the accuracy of the measurement might increase; there are a host of questions on principles and morals that could arise when performance is being measured. An example could be - should the individual being measured really know that he/she is being measured?

The Goal-setting and MBO methods are result oriented, but shift the emphasis to being subjective, judgmental on the results. The goals once set at the beginning and these form the bench mark on which the evaluation is done. The lop side here is that, in case a new opportunity arises to improve performance, these tend to be missed.

In the next byte, we look at moving on to understanding the feedback aspect of performance measurement in greater detail.

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