Sunday, December 8, 2013

Social Exchange and Equity Theory - 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion on the social exchange and equity theory. We shall continue this discussion in this byte.

Committed relationships could be seen as having a positive intensity for the parties involved, while the Calculated would typically be between low positive or low negative intensity but the alienated relationships may characterize with high negative intensity.

Calculated involvement is based on the notion of social exchange in which each party in the relationship depends on certain things of the other and contributes accordingly to the exchange.  Business partnerships and commercial transactions are examples of this. They are found to be working well when both parties involved, this relation will have a positive orientation. When losses occur, or conflicts arise, the relationship has a negative orientation.

This could be explained by the model developed by J P Campbell et all in their book - Managerial Behavior, Performance and Effectiveness!

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