Saturday, December 7, 2013

Work Values in a Cultural Context

In the last byte, we looked at values that are important in a work place. In today's byte, we look at values in a cultural context.

With increasing globalization the diversity of workplace is increasing more than ever. Doing business in a global market place often gets the managers in an encounter of a clash of values amongst different cultures. Cultures could differ in terms of the understanding of value, or the perceived value of individual's contributions to work. Values also affect the individual's view of what constitutes authority.

Managers in this global context would need to
  1. Learn more about and recognize the values of other people.
  2. Avoid prejudging the business customs of others as immoral or corrupt.
  3. Find legitimate ways to operate within other's ethical points of view - do not demand them to operate within your value system
  4. Avoid rationalizing "borderline" actions with excuses
  5. Refuse to do business when stakeholder violate or compromise laws or fundamental organizational values
  6. Conduct relationships as openly and aboveboard as possible.
As business grow global, questions involving values become even more complex.

Last but not the least; values are important since they provide guidance for behavior. This makes it extremely related to the question of ethics.

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