Saturday, December 7, 2013

Work Values

In the last byte, we looked at how we could classify an individual's values. In today's byte, we look at the concept of value in the light of a work environment - we call these "work values".

If one were to ask why it is important to understand values in the context of a work settings; it would be good to realize that it is the basis of how individuals behave on their jobs in terms of what they see is right action and what would be a wrong action. Research has identified 4 work values:
  1. Achievement - is concerned with the development of one's career
  2. Concern for others - is shown in the form of an individual caring for one's colleagues,
  3. Honesty - is about providing accurate information and refusing to mislead others for personal gains
  4. Fairness - emphasizes impartiality and recognizes different points of views
Given the large number of people who work in an organization, it is pretty clear that the individual value systems would differ. If people share similar values at work, it is found to produce positive results. Research has also found that employees who share their supervisor's values are more satisfied with their jobs and more committed to the organization.

It is also seen that values have a profound influence on job choice decisions that the individual takes. Organizations would need to keep this in mind when they are to look at the value compatibility when making a recruitment decision.  Organizations’ should also take care to send the right signals of their value systems in the market.

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