Sunday, January 12, 2014

Decision Making: Creativity Inhibitors

In the last byte, we looked at what organization characteristics influence creativity dimension of decision making. In today's byte, we look at some of the mental blocks that inhibit creativity from emerging to its true potential. 

One would need to understand that creativity is not hard-wired, it could be developed. It however would emerge only if the mental blocks that inhibit creativity are removed. Following a list of such mental blocks that research has identified:
  1. Search for "the" "right" answer
  2. Attempting to be logical
  3. Be bound by rules
  4. Avoiding Ambiguity
  5. Looking for practicality in the solution
  6. Fright of being foolish
  7. Trying to be in the comfort of only one's expertise, avoid zones not under expertise
  8. Fearing failure
  9. Believing that one is not creative
  10. Eliminating Play from work!
Unlocking these mental barriers could release the creativity hitherto untapped both for individuals as well as organization.

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