Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Decision Making: Expert Systems

In the last byte, we looked at the cultural issues that affect decision making. In today's byte, we look at some of technical aids that help decision making - Expert Systems.

Expert Systems are developed using artificial intelligence for programmed decisions. Definitely the system is set up using decision rules and therefore the effectiveness of the expert system is dependent on its design. As the system is a source of knowledge and experience and not just passive software, the organization would need to decide who is responsible for the decisions made by the system.

What is important is that managers do not blindly go by the decisions that emerge from the expert systems; they must carefully scrutinize the suggestions and take a call.
Decision Support Systems (DSS) is a tool that enhances the manager's ability to make complex decisions. These are essentially computer and communication systems that process incoming data and synthesize the pertinent information for managers to use.
We shall continue the discussion on DSS in the next byte too.

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