Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Decision Making - Virtual Workplaces 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion making in virtual workplaces. We discuss about the three components that we mentioned to be important component

DVCS relates to the face to face interactions of teams that generally rely on computer mounted cameras and provides video feeds and voice transmissions; combined with high-speed data connections the local teams can connect with their counter-parts across geographies. These systems could also take advantage of outside experts who could be added to the group.

Through the use of GDSS, users could turn off their individual identities and interact with anonymity and can poll participants and assemble statistical information relevant to the decision being made - thus enabling collaboration in virtual teams.

Internet and intranets could be rick communication and decision-making resource that would allow virtual teams to archive text, visuals, audio, and data files for use in decision making. The progress of the virtual teams could be easily updated and shared with other team members.

These 3 components provide virtual teams a rich communications environment for decision making, however it is difficult to duplicate the face-to-face environment and its effectiveness is driven by the virtual team member's ability to use the tools that are available.

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