Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Decision Support System

In the last byte, we looked at Expert Systems and began our discussion on DSS. We shall continue from the discussion on DSS to begin today's byte. 

DSS could be designed to ease decision making in situations of information overload and stress. Many a times, though the situations that arise at different points in time could even be emergency situations, the managers wouldn’t really need to make a radically different plan - they could have a skeletal plan that could be accessed using the DSS instead of beginning from scratch each time!

Group Decision Support System (GDSS) is a decision making tool that helps in group decision making scenario - GDSS uses computer support and communication facilitate to support group decision making process in either face to face meetings or dispersed meetings. One advantage is that GDSS could help conflict management within a group by depersonalizing the issue and by forcing the group to discuss its conflict management process. Members are also found to share information more fully when they use GDSS!

We shall continue this discussion on GDSS further in the next byte as well.

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