Friday, January 17, 2014

Effective Followers

In the last byte, we looked at some of the characteristics of 4 groups of followers. Today we discuss about effective followers in a bit more detail.
Effective Followers: These followers are active, responsible, and autonomous in their behavior, while also being critical in their thinking without being subordinate or disrespective.
These followers have been found to be most valuable to a leader and an organization because of their active contribution. They possess four essential qualities:
  1. They practice self-management and self-responsibility. This implies that a leader could delegate to an effective follower without anxiety about the outcome.
  2. They are committed to both, the organization and a purpose, principle or person outside themselves. They are not self-centered and self aggrandizing.
  3. They invest in their own competence and professionalism and focus their energy for maximum impact. They are on the lookout for challenges and ways in which to add to their talents or abilities.
  4. They are courageous, honest and credible. 
Given the above, they could be understood as self-leaders who do not require close supervision.

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