Friday, January 17, 2014

Guidelines for Leadership

In the last byte, we looked at the cultural differences that a leader would need to keep in mind. In today's byte, we look at some guidelines for leadership. 

Leadership plays a very influential role in organizational behavior and achieving organizational effectiveness. Following are 5 useful guidelines for leadership:
  • No two leaders are the same - leaders and organizations should appreciate the unique attributes, predispositions, and talents of each leader. There is value in this diversity.
  • There is no single best style of leadership - there are organizational preferences in terms of style. The choice of leaders who challenge the organizational culture, when necessary, without destroying it.
  • Participative, Considerate leader behavior demonstrate a concern for people appear to enhance the health and well-being of followers in the work environment. This doesn't imply, however, the leader cannot ignore the team's work tasks
  • Different leadership situations call for different leadership talents and behaviors. This may result in different individuals taking the leader role, depending on the specific situation in which the team finds itself.
  • Good leaders are generally good followers too. Although there are distinctions between their social roles, the attributes and behaviors of leaders and followers may not be as distinct as is sometimes thought of.

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