Sunday, January 12, 2014

Jung's Cognitive Style 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion on the Jungian Cognitive Theory. In today's byte, we look at two of these cognitive styles and try to understand about them:

Sensing/ Thinking:

These individuals relay on facts - they generally conduct an impersonal analysis of the situation and then go on to making an analytical and objective decision. The ability to get a clear, simple solution is of immense value in an organization. These people are extremely detail oriented and very rarely make any factual errors - their weakness however is that they may alienate others due to relatively less involvement of the interpersonal aspects in decision making.


These individuals relay on information gathering but they judge on how the decision would affect other people involved. While they put a lot of weight on interpersonal relationships they do not lose sight of the practical approach to information gathering and problem solving. The strength of these individuals is in their ability to take care of the interpersonal problems while taking in calculated risks too. These people however might have difficulty accepting a new idea that breaks the rule in an organization.

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