Friday, January 17, 2014

Leadership Grid 3

In the last byte, we looked at the leadership grid and understood what each of the points on the grid meant. In today's byte, we look at how the classification according to this leadership grid varies from the classifications of the earlier studies.

The leadership varies from the original Ohio State research in two ways -
  1. It has attitudinal overtones that are not present in the original research. (While LBDQ aims to describe behavior, the grid addresses both behavior and attitude of the leader!)
  2. The Ohio state approach is fundamentally descriptive and non-evaluative, whereas the grid is normative and prescriptive.

The grid assumes that the Team manager (9,9) is the best style of managerial behavior, and, based on identifying the current location on the grid and then potentially train oneself to become the coveted - team manager. Thus, the grid is also prescriptive in nature.

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