Friday, January 17, 2014

Leadership: Michigan Studies

In the last byte, we looked at the Ohio State studies and classified leadership styles. In today's byte, we look at another attempt to classify the leadership behavior - the Michigan Studies
Given the implications that leadership has on the emotional atmosphere, the Michigan studies identified two styles of leadership - employee oriented and production oriented.
A production-oriented style leads to a work environment characterized by constant influence attempts on the part of the leader, either through direct, close supervision or through the use of many written unwritten rules and regulations for behavior. The emphasis is on getting the work done.
An employee oriented leadership style leads to a work environment that focused on relationships. The leader in these situations would avoid a lot of direct or close supervision and establishes fewer written or unwritten rules and regulations for behavior. These leaders have a higher concern for people and their needs.
Looking back at all the three classifications, one could observe that there has been two broad dimensions emphasized - one focusing and tasks and the other on people!

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