Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Managing Interpersonal Conflicts

In the last byte, we looked at the various forms of conflict. In today's byte, we look at how one could manage the various intrapersonal conflicts.
The source of Intrapersonal conflicts resides primarily within an individual and thus intrapersonal conflict can be managed with careful self-analysis and diagnosis of the situation. There are 3 particular actions that can help prevent or resolve these conflicts:
  1. When seeking a new job, one would benefit by finding out as much as possible about the values of the organization. The differences between the organizational and individual values are often the source of person-role conflicts. The better the fit, the more the satisfaction and commitment and less likely to leave the organization.
  2. Role analysis is a good tool. Through Role analysis the person who has such conflicts could ask the role senders what is expected - this reduces the ambiguity.
  3. Political skills can help buffer the negative effectives of stress that stems from role conflicts.  Negotiating role expectations when conflicts occur using the political skills
All the above forms of conflict can be managed; the first step is really understanding the many forms.
We shall move on next to discuss interpersonal conflict handling.

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