Sunday, January 12, 2014

Participative Decision Making 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion on participative decision making. In today's byte, we continue the discussion further.

Participative decision making has several advantages to it; some of them are discussed in here:
  1. Given that the people affected by decision are generally involved in the decision making process, this helps reduce (if not eliminate) the negative experiences that could arise from organizational politics.
  2. Participative decision making helps increase employee creativity, job satisfaction and productivity. The employees involved look at the implementation of their choices, suggestions etc and this plays a crucial role in job satisfaction. The sense of ownership of the decision made helps increase productivity!
It is interesting to note that the business environment of the present day is playing a huge role in fostering participative decision making.  We today live in a knowledge driven economy and the points of highest knowledge generation is typically at the boundaries of the organization - tapping them is quintessential for sustaining business advantage. Also, the advent of new technology and communication means has helped make decisions quick and decentralized!

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