Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Power 10

In the last byte, we looked at the power analysis by Amitai Etzioni. In today's byte, we look at how the type of organizational power should be matched by the membership in the organization in order to achieve congruence. 

In an alienative membership, members have hostile feelings. In such scenarios, coercive power is the appropriate power type to use.
In calculative membership, analysis of the good and bad aspects of being in the organization. In such a scenario, it would be good to use a utilitarian or reward based power would be appropriate.
In a moral membership, people possess a strong positive feeling. In such a scenario, normative power is the most appropriate.
The following table summarizes the choices.

This analysis emphasizes that the characteristics of an organization play a role in determining the type of power appropriate for use in the organization.
This theory is however also controversial as this suggests the use of a single type of power in any organization.

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