Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Power 6

In the last byte, we looked at information power and understood the role it plays. In today's byte, we look at some of the criteria one could use to answer the question of ethics in the context of power usage.
  1. Q1: Does the behavior produce a good outcome for people both inside and outside the organization?
  2. Q2: Does the behavior respect the rights of all parties?
  3. Q3: Does the behavior treat all parties equitably and fairly?

Only if a decision meets all the three criteria, would it seen as an ethical usage of power-related behavior. Even if the behavior of choice fails one of the three questions/criteria listed above, one would be in a better situation by taking care of all these three.
Definitely, there could be conflicts amongst the various criteria and in such situations - choices need to be made. It is best that the criteria be filtered on a case-by-case basis to help solve complex ethical issues surrounding the use of power.

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