Monday, February 17, 2014

Effective Conflict Management Technique 2

In the last byte, we began our discussion on effective conflict management techniques. Today, we continue the discussion ahead, with a discussion on the following approaches- superordinate goals, expanding resources and changing personnel.

Superordinate Goals: In an organizational context, noting that the organizational goal to be more important to both the parties involved in conflict - and thereby making the individual or group goals subordinate - is found to be extremely effective.
Appealing to the superordinate goal - to get the parties to focus on larger issues on which they both agree. This helps them realize their similarities rather than their differences.

Expanding Resources: Overlooking a conflict, could be an effective conflict resolution technique. Often scarce resources that are for common use lead to conflicts - expanding the resources could reduce conflicts. 

Changing Personnel: Often we do not dissociate people from the idea/issue and so specific individuals could be a reason the conflict persists. Separating the people from the situation in case one could identify them specifically to an individual could be used to solve the conflict by eliminating the person from the scenario.

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