Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Effective Conflict Management Technique 4

In the last byte, we looked how changing the structure of an organization could help reduce conflicts effectively. In today's byte, we look at how confronting and negotiation help reduce conflicts.

Some conflicts mandate the use of confrontation and negotiation between parties. Both these strategies need a skillful negotiator and require careful planning when engaging in negotiations. Open discussion is necessary for in these situations and the attempt is to reach towards a mutually beneficial solution.
Negotiation is a joint process of finding a mutually acceptable solution to the conflict under consideration. It has been found to be most useful under the following conditions:
  • There are two or more processes (it is an interpersonal or intergroup process)
  • The conflict is the result of what one party wants is not what the other party wants
  • The parties are willing to negotiate because each believes it can use its influence to obtain a better outcome thanks simply aligning to another parties’ side
  • The parties prefer to work together rather than fight openly, or yield or break off contact etc.

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