Thursday, February 20, 2014

Effective Conflict Management Technique 5

In the last byte, we looked at how confronting and negotiating could be used as effective mechanisms to resolve conflicts. In today's byte, we look at the concept of distributive bargaining and integrative negotiating.

Distributive Bargaining is a negotiating approach in which the goals of the parties are in conflict, and each party seeks to maximize its resources.
Resources are generally limited and each party wants to maximize its share of the resources, and appears as a win-loose approach to negotiations. If a negotiator wants to maximize the value of a single deal and is not worried about good relationship with the other party, distributive bargaining may be an option.
Integrative Negotiation is a negotiation approach that focuses on the merits of the issues and seeks a win-win solution.
This approach focuses on the merits of the issue and attempts to reach a win-win approach. For this attempt to be successful, one has to have faith in one's own problem-solving ability, a belief in the validity of the other party's position, mutual trust and clear communication.

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  1. Conflict management is the act of having the capacity to recognize and handle clashes sensibly, reasonably, and productively. Thanks for share with us!!!