Monday, March 24, 2014

Job Characteristic Theory - 4

In the last byte, we looked at how we could calculate MPS based on a assessment tool. In today's byte we discuss the job characteristic theory a bit further. 

The Job Characteristics Model includes growth need strength as moderator in the model. It is seen that people with high growth need strength respond favorably to jobs with high MPSs, and individuals with low growth need strength respond less favorably to such jobs.

The theory suggests that core job dimensions stimulate three critical psychological states according to the relationships specified in the model. These critical psychological states are defined as follows:
  • Experienced Meaningfulness of the work: the degree to which the employee experiences the job as one that is generally meaningful, valuable, and worthwhile.
  • Experienced responsibility for work outcomes: the degree to which the employee feels personally accountable and responsibile for the results of the work he or she does.
  • Knowledge of results: the degree to which the employee knows and understands, on a continuous basis, how effectively he or she is performing the job.

We shall continue  the discuss further in the next byte.

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