Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Job Enlargement and Job Rotation

In the last byte, we looked at the scientific management approach to job design. In today's byte, we look at Job Enlargement and Job Rotation.
Job Enlargement is a method of job design that increases the number of activities in a job to overcome the boredom of overspecialized work.
Job Rotation is a variation of job enlargement in which workers are exposed to a variety of specialized jobs over time.
The limitations of the overspecialization viz:
⦁    lack of variety
⦁    under stimulation and underutilization
Workers would be more stimulated and better utilized by increasing the variety in the jobs.
Job rotation and cross-training (a variation of job enlargement in which workers are trained in different specialized tasks or activities) are variations of job enlargement. All three kinds of programs horizontally enlarge jobs, that is, the number and variety of an employee's tasks and activities are increased.

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