Thursday, March 13, 2014

Job Enrichment

In the last byte, we looked at job enlargement and job rotation. In today's byte, we look at job enrichment. 

Job enlargement achieves a better job design through horizontal loading. Job Enrichment on the other hand, increases the amount of vertical loading (through increased job responsibility).
Job Enrichment is a job design or redesign method aimed at increasing the motivational factors in a job. It builds on Herzberg's two-factor theory of motivation. Job enlargement recommends increasing and varying the number of activities a person does, job enrichment recommends increasing the recognition, responsibility, and opportunity for achievement.
Some people prefer simple jobs. Once jobs are selected for enrichment, management should brainstorm about possible changes; revise the list to include only specific changes related to motivational factors, and screen out generalities and suggestions that would simply increase activities or number of tasks.
Two key problems when implementing Job Enrichment are --
  1. First, an initial drop in performance can be expected as workers accommodate to change
  2. Second, supervisors may experience some anxiety or hostility as a result of employees' increased responsibility.

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