Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Work Design and Well-being

In the last byte, we looked at how JDS could be used to redesign jobs. In today's byte, we discuss about Work Design and Well-being.

Organizations need to redesign jobs in order to increase worker control and reduce worker uncertainty, while at the same time time remembering to manage conflicts and task/job demands. 

Following are some ways in which control in work organizations could be increased:
  1. Workers would be given the opportunity to control several aspects of the work and the work place
  2. Designing machines and tasks for optmal response times and/or ranges
  3. Implementing performance-monitoring systems as a source of relevant feedback

To reduce uncertainty we could use the following:
  1. Providing employees with timely and complete information needed for the work
  2. Making clear and unambiguous work assignments
  3. Improving communication at shift change time
  4. Increasing employee access to information source

Conflicts could be managed by:
  1. Participative decision making to reduce conflict
  2. Using supportive supervisory styles to resolve conflicts
  3. Having sufficient resources available to meet work demands

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