Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Managerial implications of the discussion on work design

In the last byte, we looked at counter-role behavior. In today's byte we look at the managerial implications in the changing nature of work.

In addition to the managerial expertise, it is important that manager have to have a wide range of nontechnical skills to be effective in their work. The following thought would be extremely important. 

Work forms an important aspect of a healthy life - it satisfies two central needs in human nature - engaging in productive work and forming healthy relationship with others. Given that the meaning of work means different things depending on the culture; the design of jobs mus be done with a sensitivity to cultural values and beliefs.
Managers would need to craft work tasks and assignments that fit the jobs to people who are doing them. There is no universally accepted way of designing work. The changing nature of work mandates that managers find new ways to define work and design jobs.
Flexibility is crucial in job design in the modern era. Dramatic global, economic and organizational changes dictate the managers to be flexible in job/work design in organizations.
Another important aspect to make note of is the role technology that has evolved since the nature of work has changed.

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