Monday, May 5, 2014

Dimensions of Organizational Design 2

In the last byte, we looked at the definitions of the various dimensions of organizational design. In today's byte, we continue the discussion a bit further.

Most often we can think of organization design, and wonder where to start. Prof Henry Mintzberg has suggested begining with the following questions to help get clarity:

  1. How many tasks should a given position in the organization contain, and how specialized should each task be?
  2. How standardized should the work content of each postion be?
  3. What skills, abilities, knowledge, and training should be required for each position?
  4. What should be the basis of grouping of positions within the organizations into units, departments, divisions, and so on?
  5. How large should each unit be, and what should the spn of control be?
  6. How much standardization should be required in the output of each position?
  7. What mechanisms should be established to help individuals in different positions and units to adjust to th needs of other individuals?
  8. How centralized or decentralized should decision-making power be in he chain of authority? Should most of the decisions be made down in the chain or authority or at the top?

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