Monday, May 26, 2014

Values in Organization Culture

In the last byte, we looked at a presentation on company culture by TaxiforSure. In today's byte, we begin our discussion on Values. 

We have already seen that values are the next layer of understanding culture after the visible representation of culture through artifacts. Values reflect the underlying belief of what should be or should not be - and often consistently articulated both in conversations and in a company's mission statement or annual reports.

Values could actually reside in two forms:
  1. espoused values: refers to what members of an organization say they value
  2. enacted values: refers to values reflected in the way individuals actually behave.
It is interesting to note that a firm's values and how it promotes and publicizes these also affect how employees would feel about their job and themselves - there has to be a synchronization between what is spoken and how it is acted on!

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